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An overload of uric acid in the body that can lead to crystal formation in the body tissues and joints is gout. The joints then become inflamed and develop bouts of arthritis. Severe cases of gout are hard lumps of uric acid in the joints that can eventually destroy the joints. Other results of chronic gout can include problems with kidney function and kidney stones. Gout natural cures should be sought before the condition is allowed to progress to such extents.

There are those individuals that develop a rise in uric acid and not develop any type of kidney difficulties. Gout arthritis attacks in and of themselves can be quite painful as it occurs quite quickly with rapid joint inflammation, heat, pain and redness. Men tend to suffer from gout nine times more than women; therefore gout natural cures would most readily be utilized by men.

Individuals are predisposed to gout if their uric acid blood level is already elevated. Other risk factors include abnormalities that are inherited, obesity, moderate intake of alcohol and high blood pressure. Certain medication can elevate uric acid content in the body as well and result in bouts of gout. A disease such as leukemia can also lead to increased production of uric acid. Gout natural cures would not be so effective in such instances.

Gout most commonly occurs in the joint at the base of the big toe. Elbow, wrist, finger, knee and ankle joints can also often be attacked by gout. Features of gout include quick pain onset in the affect joints, tenderness, redness, and warmth. Sometimes that affect area can be so tender that the lightest touch can cause excruciating pain. Many try pain relievers and gout natural cures to alleviate the pain. Gout attacks can last anywhere between hours to several days. Fever can also be a development from gout. Repeated attacks of gout over the years are not uncommon.

It is the patient that complains of painful arthritis attacks mainly in the base of toes, ankle or knee that doctors diagnose gout. Since arthritis tends to attack more than one joint simultaneously and gout just one joint at a time, doctors can readily pinpoint which condition a patient is suffering from and recommend medical treatment or work toward gout natural cures.

Treatment for gout includes controlling the inflammation and taking long-term steps to ensure future attacks do not occur by shrinking the crystal deposits that cause the gout. One of the gout natural cures includes changing the diet in order to prevent an increase of uric acid in the blood. This means that foods high in purine such as shellfish, liver, and sweetbreads should be avoided. Tests have shown that dairy products reduce the risk of gout attacks, while consumption of alcohol or drinks containing fructose increases the risk of attacks.

An overload of uric acid in the body that can lead to crystal formation in the body tissues and joints is gout. Many drugs treat gout, but with unwanted side effects. Some natural gout cures include fruits and vegetables low in protein, fish oil supplements, ginger and turmeric. Further consult with a doctor and personal research can shed more light on each individual case.

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