Natural Method To Eliminate Uric Acid Crystals Using Baking Soda

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Uric acid crystals are what cause the horrible symptoms of gout. So during an attack you want to eliminate them. You can do this with drugs, but you can also do this effectively by using a more natural way to reduce these crystals. And more and more people are using these kind of natural treatments for gout.

Most people are pointed towards drug-based medications to treat gout. But they can have some pretty nasty side effects, and aren't a cure for gout, which is why folks with gout are increasingly using natural methods, that are also less costly.

One of the most effective, in my experience, is by utilizing bi-carbonate of soda, otherwise known as baking soda. When taken as a drink, it can help to quickly eliminate uric acid crystals by dissolving them. It can also help your body to flush excess acid out by making it more soluble.

But why should you look for ways to lower your uric acid? Well, gout crystals form when there is high uric acid in the body. So that, if you can reduce and maintain lower uric acid levels, you can help to prevent crystal formation, and thus prevent the agonies of gout.

To take, just add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to an eight ounce glass of water and mix very well. Drink a glass at bedtime, one in the morning, then a glass every 2 to 4 hours during the day. Don't take more than 4 teaspoons of baking soda per day. Repeat the procedure until your symptoms have abated.

Important notice! You absolutely must change to a low or salt-free diet while using this method because baking soda is high in sodium. And, if you have high blood pressure (hypertension), talk to your doctor before using this remedy.

Natural uric acid crystal removal has to be preferable to drugs with their horrible side effects and cost. But, although baking soda is an effective way to eliminate uric acid crystals, it's not the kind of thing you can take long-term. It's really only of use during an attack. It isn't a preventative measure.

And here's the problem: Unless you take steps to actually prevent gout occurring again and again, you're at risk of permanently damaged joints and other serious problems like high blood pressure and kidney stones. So you need to become knowledgeable about the underlying causes of gout and how to address them...
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Natural Method To Eliminate Uric Acid Crystals Using Baking Soda

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This article was published on 2010/12/16